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Can I make a reservation by phone?
Yes, you may make a reservation by phone.
I am arriving at 2AM in the morning, when should I book my room?
Our check in time is 15:00PM.
If you are arriving in the morning, we suggest you book your room a day before your arrival date.
What is the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy differs according to your reservation types.
Please check your reservation.
Can I check in after midnight?
Yes. Our Front Desk is open 24/7.
Will you upgrade my room?
We are sorry to inform you that we do not offer a free upgrade in advance. 
If you want to upgrade your room with some additional payment, please refer folowings.Reservation through travel agents : please contact with your agent and ask for upgrade.
Reservation through online agent : Please make a reservation with new category and then cancel old reservation. 
However, for this cancellation, the original cancellation policy may apply.
If your cancellation is made within the cancellation charge period, you have to pay for the charges and it never be waived.
What is the maximum occupancy of the guestrooms?
The occupancy limit differ from room to room.
You can find the details under each room listing on our website.
What time is check-in? check-out?
Check-in time is 3 PM. Check out time is 12 noon.
Is late check-out possible?
It will depend on the Occupancy.
Prices will change according to the category of the room, so please contact us for details.
Can I choose my room number or location before arrival?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to choose number or location.
Room assignments are based on availability upon check in date.
Can I store my luggage before check in/after checking out?
Yes, please ask out staff at Front Desk/Guest Service.
How big are your beds?
Bed types and sizes differ according to room type.
You can find the details under each room listing on our website.
Beach Tower 120 cm x 203 cm
Infinity Tower 134 cm x 203 cm
King 193 cm × 203 cm
Extra bed 100 cm × 190 cm.
Please tell me the type and voltage of the outlet.
Voltage is 120 V 60 Hz.The type of the outlet is A type (same as Japan).
Can I smoke in the room?
In Guam, smoking is prohibited indoors such as hotels and restaurants by Natasha Protection Law.
Smoking on the balcony is allowed. (Ashtrays are available in the rooms)
Is there a free WIFI?
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.A password is required to use Wi-Fi in the room, so please ask our Front Desk.
What kind of TV channels do you have?
We have varieties of channels available, including NHK, CNN International and Korean channels.
What kind of items are available for rent?
We have wheelchairs, umbrellas, cribs, bed guards, strollers (with charge) and transformers.Please note that the number of items are limited.
Please tell me about the amenities in the room.
We provide bath towels, Face towels, Slippers, Bath robes, Shampoo, Conditioner, bath gel, soap, toothbrushes, cotton swabs and coffee.
Do you have connecting rooms?
Yes, we do. Please contact us for more details.
Is there a safety box in the room?
All guest rooms are equipped with a safety box. You can lock the safe with a 4-digit code.
Does the hotel offer room service?
No, there is no room service.
I have a special event during my stay. Is there anything I can do?
With a fee, we help make your event a little special. Please contact us for details.
Can I stay with pets?
We kindly ask you for your understanding that pets are not allowed.
Can I stay as a single person?
Yes, the price will be the same as for 2 people.
How can I make a restaurant reservation?
You can make a reservation through the inquiry form on our website.
(Eggs ‘n Things does not take reservations.)
Are you able to arrange a cake on special occasions?
Yes. Prices vary according to size and type.
You can inquire through the inquiry form on our website.
What if I am allergic to certain ingredients?
Ingredients used in the dishes are not displayed next to the dishes.Please inquire our staff.
Is there any dress code?
There is no dress code, but if you are wearing swimwear, please make sure you are covered up in the restaurant. 
Is there Airport Transportation service?
Yes, advanced reservation is required.
Please send your request through the inquiry form on our website at least 3 days prior to check-in date.
Maximum 5 people including kids and 5 luggage.
If you booked through our Japanese or English website (http://www.guamreef.com) and staying 4 nights and more, you will get one free round trip transportation between the airport and the hotel.
Please leave your Reference Number in the comments.
*Please note that the transportation service may NOT be private or may be fully booked.
If I requested for Airport Transportation service, where do I wait to get picked up?
Our staff will greet you at the arrival lobby located after customs. 
The staff will have a greeting board with your name and our hotel logo on it.

How much is the Airport Transportation fee?
【1st Passenger Base Fee】 USD30.00 for one way per car
【2nd-5th Passenger Additional Fee】 USD10.00 for one way per passenger
※Additional Fee is applicable to both adults and children (3 years and older). Infants at the age of 0-2 years old are free of charge.
If you book through our Japanese or English website (http//guamreef.com) and stay 4 nights and more, one round trip transportation between the airport and the hotel is free.
Is the Airport Transportation service available 24 hours?
Yes, it is.
Do you have bed guards?
Yes, we can provide bed guards. Please make your request through the inquiry form on our website or inquire at Guest Service upon arrival.
Please note that the number of bed guards are limited.
Do you have a baby stroller available?
Yes, we charge $5 a day.
Please make your request through the inquiry form on our website or inquire at Guest Service upon arrival.
Please note that the number of strollers are limited.
Do you have baby cribs?
Yes, we can provide baby cribs. Please make your request through the inquiry form on our website or inquire at Guest Service upon arrival.
Please note that the number of baby cribs are limited.
Can you set up a microwave in the room?
No, we cannot set up a microwave in your room.
However, we have a microwave available on every guest floor for your convenience.
Is there a kids room?
No, there are no kids room available.
Is there a daycare?
Yes, “Little Garden”, located in the Lobby, accepts temporary care.
Please see their information on our Facilities/Service webpage.
Are there any shops in the hotel?
Bon Voyage is located on the lobby floor. (Hours 8: 30 ~ 22: 30)
Is there a room charge for children?
There is no charge for children 11 years old and under.
Are towels available for rent?
Yes, please show your “Pool Card” to exchange for a pool towel.
Please note that we do not allow you to take the pool towel outside the pool area, such as the beach.
Are life jackets / swim floats available for rent?
No, we do not rent life jackets or swim floats.
How can I access to the beach using a wheelchair or a baby stroller?
Yes, you may access to the beach with the following route.

I forgot something in the hotel, what should I do?
Please fill out our Lost and Found form on our website regarding forgotten items.
Can I make a reservation at a restaurant outside the hotel?
Yes. Please contact us through the inquiry form on our website.
You may also inquire with Guest Service.
Can I exchange foreign currency?
Yes, we can exchange Japanese Yen/Korean Won at the Front Desk.
Where can I rent a Pocket Wi-Fi?
There is E-Communications counter at the Guam International Airport (Open 24/7).
You can rent Pocket Wi-Fi there ($5 a day, Guam’s only true unlimited 4G LTE).
For more information and reservation, please contact E-Communications directly at +1-671-989-7788 or email guamcare@ecomllc.net .



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